libxkbcommon 1.6.0
Public Member Functions
xkb_context Struct Reference

#include <xkbcommon.h>

Public Member Functions

struct xkb_contextxkb_context_new (enum xkb_context_flags flags)
struct xkb_contextxkb_context_ref (struct xkb_context *context)
void xkb_context_unref (struct xkb_context *context)
void xkb_context_set_user_data (struct xkb_context *context, void *user_data)
void * xkb_context_get_user_data (struct xkb_context *context)
int xkb_context_include_path_append (struct xkb_context *context, const char *path)
int xkb_context_include_path_append_default (struct xkb_context *context)
int xkb_context_include_path_reset_defaults (struct xkb_context *context)
void xkb_context_include_path_clear (struct xkb_context *context)
unsigned int xkb_context_num_include_paths (struct xkb_context *context)
const char * xkb_context_include_path_get (struct xkb_context *context, unsigned int index)
void xkb_context_set_log_level (struct xkb_context *context, enum xkb_log_level level)
enum xkb_log_level xkb_context_get_log_level (struct xkb_context *context)
void xkb_context_set_log_verbosity (struct xkb_context *context, int verbosity)
int xkb_context_get_log_verbosity (struct xkb_context *context)
void xkb_context_set_log_fn (struct xkb_context *context, void(*log_fn)(struct xkb_context *context, enum xkb_log_level level, const char *format, va_list args))

Detailed Description

Opaque top level library context object.

The context contains various general library data and state, like logging level and include paths.

Objects are created in a specific context, and multiple contexts may coexist simultaneously. Objects from different contexts are completely separated and do not share any memory or state.

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