libxkbcommon 1.7.0
Public Member Functions
xkb_compose_state Struct Reference

#include <xkbcommon-compose.h>

Public Member Functions

struct xkb_compose_statexkb_compose_state_new (struct xkb_compose_table *table, enum xkb_compose_state_flags flags)
struct xkb_compose_statexkb_compose_state_ref (struct xkb_compose_state *state)
void xkb_compose_state_unref (struct xkb_compose_state *state)
struct xkb_compose_tablexkb_compose_state_get_compose_table (struct xkb_compose_state *state)
enum xkb_compose_feed_result xkb_compose_state_feed (struct xkb_compose_state *state, xkb_keysym_t keysym)
void xkb_compose_state_reset (struct xkb_compose_state *state)
enum xkb_compose_status xkb_compose_state_get_status (struct xkb_compose_state *state)
int xkb_compose_state_get_utf8 (struct xkb_compose_state *state, char *buffer, size_t size)
xkb_keysym_t xkb_compose_state_get_one_sym (struct xkb_compose_state *state)

Detailed Description

Opaque Compose state object.

The compose state maintains state for compose sequence matching, such as which possible sequences are being matched, and the position within these sequences. It acts as a simple state machine wherein keysyms are the input, and composed keysyms and strings are the output.

The compose state is usually associated with a keyboard device.

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