xkbcommon is a library to handle keyboard descriptions, including loading them from disk, parsing them and handling their state. It's mainly meant for client toolkits, window systems, and other system applications; currently that includes Wayland, kmscon, GTK+, Qt, Clutter, KWin and more. It is also used by some XCB applications for proper keyboard support.

Unfortunately we've been too busy making it work to do a nice website. Hopefully we'll have one soon.

Still confused? Reading our documentation might help.


Our git repository on GitHub always contains the most up-to-date development code. Patches and feedback should ideally be submitted against the latest code in git.

Our latest API- and ABI-stable release is 0.8.2.

You may find the past release announcements, including NEWS and checksums, on the wayland-devel mailing list archives:


You can report bugs at GitHub.


xkbcommon is maintained by Ran Benita (ran234@gmail.com).